The Wound Care Specialists

Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center offers one of the most advanced wound care programs in the area. Physicians regularly refer their patients with complex wounds to Park Crescent for treatment. The broad range of cases treated includes chronic wounds, diabetic skin ulcerations, post-surgical or amputation infections, severe burns, stage II, III, and IV open wounds, and even deep ulcerations with exposed tendons and bone.

The outcomes have been truly remarkable. Patients who had been suffering for years with chronic open wounds have realized successful results, achieving complete closure of their wounds, and resuming a healthy productive lifestyle.

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Advanced Equipment: The cornerstone of Park Crescent’s successful wound care program is our Hyperbaric Oxygen Extremity Chamber. A clinically proven method, the chamber delivers pulsating hyperbaric diffused oxygen at intermittent pressure to the wound site, raising capillary PO2 levels, stimulating circulation, promoting capillary budding, and encouraging the granulation of new healthy tissue. The sealed humidification system also helps in accelerating the healing process. Additionally, hyperbaric chamber therapy offers these distinct advantages:


 Increases VEGF growth
 Enhances angiogenesis
Promotes collagen synthesis
 Improves leukocyte function

  Reduces edema
  Encourages fibroblast growth
  Inhibits bacterial growth

Park Crescent’s designated wound care team are seasoned experts in the field, with many years of experience in complex wound care.
The program also features:

 Wound Vac treatment
 E-stim therapy
 Regular review & assessment

 Focus on pressure relief
 Emphasis on positioning