Rehabilitative Care

At Park Crescent, we know what short-term rehab patients care about: they want to get better and resume a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible. They also want their rehab experience to be as comfortable and pleasant as can be.

Park Crescent’s Rehabilitation Program is situated on its own beautiful unit, designed specifically with the comfort of our short-term rehab patients in mind. The therapy is goal oriented, with the objective of accelerating each patient’s recovery. The rehab specialists at Park Crescent have achieved remarkable success in helping individuals with all sorts of health challenges to regain their mobility, function, and quality of life.


Using advanced equipment and therapeutic techniques, such as Wii therapy, Park Crescent provides outstanding rehabilitative and post-surgical care for a broad range of needs, including:

 Hip or knee replacement
 Post-surgery recovery
 Complex wound care
 Motor vehicle trauma
 Cardiac rehabilitation

 Diabetes monitoring and care
 Pain management
 IV Therapy
 Tracheotomy care
 Gastrostomy care