Park Crescent is a modern and comfortable facility, featuring tastefully decorated and appointed accommodations. We offer private and semi-private rooms, all equipped with lavatories; television, cable, and phone service are available. With spacious activity rooms, a beautiful outdoor patio, and expansive lounge area, Park Crescent provides the ideal setting for recuperating in comfort.

Park Crescent’s culinary staff provides delicious and health-conscious meals, temptingly presented, with a variety of menu options. Our registered dietitian assesses each patient’s specific dietary needs upon admission, and they are accommodated accordingly. Snacks are available during the day as well.


MEDICAL AND SOCIAL SERVICES - For our residents’ convenience, we provide a full range of medical and social services, such as podiatric, ophthalmologic, pharmaceutical, psychological, and diagnostic laboratory work. Religious services are offered as well.

HEARING IMPAIRED - Sign language, oral interpreters, and other auxiliary aids and services are available free of charge to individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired.